Internet & Digital TV Together

Frequently Asked Questions

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First restart your router and check your computer or laptop is connected with wireless router. Try using Internet.. No Luck?
Please Call: 01-4217005.
First restart your Digital TV Box and check again if TV Channel works.
Try TV Source AV / HDMI. Still not working?
Please Call: 01-4217005
Check power On/Off power switch at the back side of the Internet router.
a. Please Turn on TV and TV Signal.
b. Please make sure coaxial TV cable is properly connected with the Digital Box.
c. Re-start your Digital TV Box and Try again
d. If none of this resolve the issues, please call us on 01-4217005.
Yes we do. Please call 01-4217005 and make a fast installation booking.
Yes we do. Please call 01-4217005.
Our technology can provide TV and Internet from the same wire. No need to spend more money.
Our technology can carry up to 1mbps to 1000mbps speed depends on your need.
We have 150 SD Channels &
36 HD Channels.
Please call 01-4217005. It would be better if you could do well early so the service won't be disrupted.
Please call 01-4217005 and we will collect it from your location. Alternatively you can deposit at Bank Ref: your mobile number.
Not at all. Our Digital Box works with any types of TV wheather Flat Screen TV or Big CRT TVs.

Digital TV + High Speed Internet = One Price